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A New Addition

Feb 26, 2012

Normally with the new addition headline, we're adding a new member to the CK & CO team - well, this is sort of like that! If you read our newsletters, follow us on Twitter, or if you've worked with us lately, you know we've been busy (really busy)... which we love!


A Whale of a Tale

Feb 22, 2012

You know the drill - you're invited to a gala and you probably know what to expect before you walk in the door. A little bit of networking, a little bit of food and then the traditional program.

Thankfully, the Grand Rapids Public Museum didn't stick with the same old, same old for the Jay and Betty Van Andel Legacy Awards Gala. They held a whale of a celebration! Back when the planning began, we were asked to come on board and help produce the evening.


Do it Yourself

Feb 21, 2012

There’s been a lot of talk on the web lately about the benefits of using video as a marketing tool…and whether you should give it a try on your own or use a production company. We work with clients who do both.

But, we take issue with our friends at Mindscape – by the way, we like them, but… they recently blogged about this exact topic, and offered some tips for those who choose to forego the experts – check out the article here. Link