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Jun 20, 2012 | tag(s): Blu-Ray,

So, you got yourself that big, beautiful HDTV and hooked up your trusty old DVD player. Then you discovered the sad truth - your old DVDs just don’t look that great anymore. So, you replaced your DVD player with a Blu-Ray player, and you’ve been diligently upgrading your favorite movies to the beautiful Blu-Ray format. And it is beautiful - these discs can hold more than 25 times more data than your standard DVD - the sound is massive and the colors are vibrant. You’re watching a movie that is as close to the Hollywood original as you can get. But is it already time to start looking at what’s next?


The Washington Post

Jun 12, 2012

Cynthia is always writing, but even more so lately! In the span of just a few weeks the Washington Post has published two of her commentaries. One describes the search we’ve been on for a new employee and offers tips to recent college graduates about the opportunities at smaller firms. One business owner remarked that every parent should print the article and tape it to their fridge. Link  The second one was about vacations – after all, it is that time of year! This tongue in cheek piece has already got our clients talking. Link Take a minute to review the pieces and let CK know what you think!

Mickey Matson

Jun 4, 2012

We can't tell you how often people ask us whether we make movies. The answer is no! That's because movie production and video production are very different. Sure we both use cameras, talent (actors), scripts... you get the idea. But, the process and techniques are very different.