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Say Hello to Orville

Jun 27, 2017

For years, Cynthia Kay and Company has used drone footage to elevate our media productions. Drones let us shoot in locations which would otherwise be impossible to reach. We can capture scenic landscapes, plus their compact size lets us squeak into tight indoor spaces. "Orville," our affectionately named drone is pretty darn impressive. He shoots 4K and can fly up to 4 miles away from his pilot (usually Steve). His image stabilization ensures that videos are smooth and steady... and will leave you breathless. Orville is just one piece of the CK & Co. media toolkit, but he can bring your video to the next level. Here are a couple of areas where he could help you out:

  • Effortlessly glide inside and around your factory, showcasing all of your complex manufacturing operations.
  • Record special events and projects. Do you have a big event coming up? What about that grand opening for your new location? Never fear, Orville is there to capture it all.
  • Aerial photos from high in the sky. That’s right, not only can Orville record in high resolution, he can also snap photos which are sure to wow your viewers. 
Let’s chat about using Orville for your next media production!