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Q & A with our V.P. of Production

Vice President of Production, Bryan Parris, is moving away from the edit suite, and out to meeting with all of you! As he makes the switch, we thought it’d be fun to sit down and sort of reflect on his 9 years as Senior Editor at Cynthia Kay & Company.


Q. What do you love about editing?

A. When it’s done! Seriously though, like any creative project, I get the most satisfaction from the end result, knowing we’ve taken all these elements and cut and tweaked and sometimes pulled our hair out, but we produced a very cool story that helps clients with their goals.


Q. Where do you get your inspiration from?

A. Often the music gives cues about pacing and even what the graphics should look like and how they should move. We always look at the client’s branding so we can create something that fits into the bigger picture. I also like to keep up on what editors and graphics guys are doing all over the world to get ideas. Or just peek in the other room and see what Johnny’s working on!


Q. How do you push the edge of the latest technology?

A. Well, we can’t possibly keep up with ALL of it, but we’re always looking for cool new tools to help us work better or add sizzle to our productions. We read industry magazines, participate in online forums, go to tradeshows, and ask our equipment resellers lots of questions.


More on Bryan:

Bryan has 13 years of experience in production. Before joining our team he was in broadcasting (like so many of us here!).