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A Safety Story from Herman Miller

It is on everyone’s mind: safety. It’s no surprise when you consider that, according to OSHA, every year more than three million workers are seriously injured, and thousands more are killed on the job. These injuries take their toll on employees and their families.  That’s why more and more companies are trying to create a culture of safety. They want employees to return home at night in the same healthy condition they arrived in.  Businesses also want customers who visit their offices and manufacturing facilities to be safe. At CK & CO we get to help our customers spread the word about safety and often video is the medium.

There are a number of ways to create a safety communication. The most common is a step-by-step video with narrative and B-roll that walks through the safety rules and best practices. Many opt for this approach because it is simple to produce and they can leverage video that already exists.

Others take a more creative approach. For one customer video we created an animated character – a stuffed bear – designed to remind employees of their children at home. The goal was that each time the employee did something unsafe, like texting, the bear would react and the employee would correct the “bad behavior.”  When the employee practiced good habits the bear reacted positively. This stylized approach made it possible for the video to be used all over the world. Because there was no narration, there were no translation costs.

Herman Miller took a different approach.  We helped them create two pieces, one for office visitors and another for those visiting manufacturing facilities. Senior Vice President Mike Ramirez introduced the videos which were a blend of B-roll and animation. It’s a great example of how to get critical information across in an engaging way. Take a look.

No matter what avenue you choose, consider using video for safety training. It provides a cost-effective and consistent way to make safety a priority.

Want more information about workplace safety? Here’s a report.