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Amp Up Your Annual Report

It happens once a year…companies and organizations scramble to collect facts and figures to report to shareholders how far they’ve come…and give them a preview of where they’re going.

Sometimes the results are delivered in a glossy 4-color report or in a long, drawn out PowerPoint presentation. But, there’s hope. A number of organizations we work with have ditched the old way of doing things, and this year will “wow” their board, shareholders and others with a fast paced, high energy video recap of the year.

South Central Michigan Works is changing things up. Here’s what they wanted:

-a way to visualize the successes of SCMW this year…and look to the future.

-marketing tool

-website video to help people understand all this organization does (hint: they go far beyond helping people find a job)

Annual reports are filled with required information, but don’t always help the reader connect to the organization or get a feel for their mission.

We understand that, and created a piece we think meets all of SCMW’s needs. So next year, think about amping up your year-end report!