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Are you using your plasma screen effectively?

Plasma screens are everywhere now days… at home, the dentist’s office, the supermarket. But are we using this techy tool effectively? To its utmost potential?

This past year we have worked closely with an organization that, we think, takes full “advantage” of their plasma screens. Advantage Health Physician Network is a local health care provider that has excelled at plasma screen marketing. Each Advantage Health office has a video loop with a variety of clips…everything from information about services provided, to the introduction of new physicians, to tips for avoiding the flu this season.

When it comes to developing content there are lots of options to consider. We would be happy to “think” with you about what will hit the mark with your target audience. One quick piece of advice, this marketing tool should be update regularly to keep it fresh. If you’ve already invested in plasma screens take full advantage of the technology to market… what else? Your company! If you haven’t invested in the technology, consider it. It is a great tool to affectively market your company to a captive audience.