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Attacking Childhood Hunger

Kids’ Food Basket is an organization with a compelling mission to attack childhood hunger so young people can learn and live well. It is startling how many children live in poverty today and how the lack of nutrition can affect them well into their adult lives. At CK & CO we love to give back and donate video production services. One of the organizations we chose this year was Kids’ Food Basket because we believe in their mission.

When we reached out to them our initial concept was to tell the story through the eyes of families who have benefited from the sack lunches and dinners that KFB provides.  The thank you notes from them are touching and heartfelt – you should definitely check them out. However, we did a course correction when it became obvious this approach might intrude on their privacy. Instead, we went to those on the front lines of the battle – teachers, social workers, volunteers, and others. We hope you will agree they tell the story with great passion.