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In today’s economy you take the bad with the good. And when it comes to press- you have to take it all! In one week’s time our company was featured by several media outlets. One story was positive. The other…well…keep reading!

The Grand Rapids Business Journal published an article about our partnership with an out-of-state client. CK & CO was chosen by Wiley Publishing, Inc. to produce nearly 100 video vignettes for the launch of a new website based on the well-known For Dummies® series of how-to books. The great part about this story is that we were able to bring business to our state and hire a variety of on-camera experts to help us with a diverse group of learning centers featuring topics including: Personal Finance, Fitness, Diet and Nutrition, HDTV, Guitar and Algebra. (By the way if you want to access to my personal trainer, Janine Kropf of East Hills, check out the Pilates section at Link. Just don’t try and steal my 6am timeslot to work out with her. What am I thinking? You probably don’t want to get up that early.)

My next media experience was very different. I was interviewed by News Channel 3 for a reaction to changes in SBA loans. While a number of other business owners commented positively on the program, I said, “There is still too much red tape and too much paper work.” On this one, I was the “naysayer.” Some believe if you are making a negative comment it reflects negatively on your business. I believe you should say what’s on your mind. By the way, I hope the changes do help small business.

Good news or not-so-good news, it’s always nice to get your company featured by the media. And if you have something to say- speak out.