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Blogging for Dummies

It’s official, CK & CO are blogging “Dummies”. We just finished a video promotion for Wiley Publishing’s series of books on blogging. If you blog, or have thought about trying it out, here are a couple things we’d like to pass along.

Think content. Content. Content. If readers don’t care about what you say, your time is wasted. Write for the audience you want to attract. If you’re a professional blogger, make sure you keep your content related to professional interests. If it’s a personal blog, you have more room to let loose. In her book, Blogging For Dummies®, Susannah Gardner says “One of my favorite techniques for making my blog posts readable is to close the door of my office and read my post out loud”. Give it a try, and if the post isn’t something you’d say, re-write it.

Write frequently to keep people engaged. Even if it’s a short, simple post, you want to let people know you’re still there. If they read your blog often, and it’s always old news, you’re guaranteed to lose readership.

Watch the results. If you know how many and what kind of visitors are attracted to your site, you can make improvements. Web statistics let you track things like the location of your Web visitors, how long they stay or what page ends their visit on your site. That’s powerful information, right at your fingertips! Use this information to make strategic decisions, like what design to use or the subject of a post.

There are a number of websites that monitor your web traffic. Google Analytics (Link), StatCounter (Link) or Site Meter (Link) are all great tools. If this short article has you thinking about blogs…check out our video promotion to see which Blogging book could help you out!