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So, you got yourself that big, beautiful HDTV and hooked up your trusty old DVD player. Then you discovered the sad truth – your old DVDs just don’t look that great anymore. So, you replaced your DVD player with a Blu-Ray player, and you’ve been diligently upgrading your favorite movies to the beautiful Blu-Ray format. And it is beautiful – these discs can hold more than 25 times more data than your standard DVD – the sound is massive and the colors are vibrant. You’re watching a movie that is as close to the Hollywood original as you can get. But is it already time to start looking at what’s next?

Streaming media companies (Netflix, Hulu, and the like) would like you to believe that. While it is true that they can stream high definition content, the only way it can be done is through compression. Taking all of that beautiful HD goodness that lives on your Blu-Ray disc and crunching it down so it can be sent from their server to your television in real time. What do you lose? The pristine quality. What do you gain? Convenience. Whether or not consumers will be willing to watch movies that look “good enough” remains to be seen.

We’ve been making high definition files for our clients for a few years now. They look great. We’ve invested in Blu-Ray burning and authoring technology as well, meaning everything that looked great before, now looks even better. I think even we were impressed at a recent event – when our video played on the big screen, with a high definition projector and a Blu-Ray disc source, the results were stunning and guests at the event definitely took notice.

Blu-Ray player prices continue to fall, laptops are coming equipped with Blu-Ray drives – getting your hands on the best high-def playback is getting easier and easier. Wondering what will give your presentation that extra punch? Need more eyes on your tradeshow booth? Looking to drop some jaws at a black tie event? Blu-Ray could very well be the answer you’re searching for – and we’ll be more than happy to create one for you!