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Connecting with the Audience

Today, many want their spokesperson to connect with the viewers. The best way to do this is to have that person look directly into the camera. Easier said than done! Let’s face it, staring at a camera while trying to deliver an important, impactful message is scary! We’ve seen it all – beads of sweat, wandering eyes and even the “deer in headlights” look.

Using a series of Teleprompters we can create a way for the on camera individual to look into the teleprompter on the camera and see our producer (think smoke and mirrors) – so it feels like a normal conversation. The interviewee relaxes and looks like her or she is talking directly to the audience.

We recently used the production technique to create patient testimonials for the Weight Loss programs at Saint Mary’s Health Care. The patients took us through their emotional weight loss journey, looking directly into the camera. We think the results speak for themselves. Link