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Do it Yourself

There’s been a lot of talk on the web lately about the benefits of using video as a marketing tool…and whether you should give it a try on your own or use a production company. We work with clients who do both.

But, we take issue with our friends at Mindscape – by the way, we like them, but… they recently blogged about this exact topic, and offered some tips for those who choose to forego the experts – check out the article here. Link

It’s no surprise we prefer to handle production from start to finish. But, what many clients don’t realize is that, in most cases, it’s more efficient for everyone – from a time, money, and frustration standpoint.

Think about the product you’re delivering to your audience. You want it to represent the high quality work your organization does – and if it doesn’t look good, neither do you! Sure, your messaging and content are critical to the video’s success. But, if your video has bad lighting, audio, or a poorly composed shot – viewers will be distracted and your message will be lost.

We’ve worked with clients who wanted to shoot their own video, but needed our help with the editing. Here’s the thing – by the time we color-correct the raw video, find a way to stabilize the shots, and level out the audio, they could have saved money having us handle the entire production. These are just a few things to consider.

One of our clients, Service Express, tossed around the idea of creating their own overview video.

See why after some thought, they gave us a call.

And as for the article, if you do decide to take video into your own hands…definitely keep the tips Mindscape at Hannon McKendry has suggested. And, if you get lost along the way, you know where to find us.