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Do You Poken™?

At CK & CO, we’re techies. We love having- and using- the latest gadgets that make things easier. That’s why we’re “Poken™” you with a little idea. A Poken™ is a small character that helps keep you in touch. It serves as a social networking business card by storing your contact information, along with your networking pages, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn® & more! We first learned about the Poken™ at an American Marketing Association meeting, and we have to admit they’re pretty great.

Here’s how it works. Hold two Poken™ hands together – they call this a high4 – you’re connected! Once you’ve swapped information, plug the little Poken™ hand into your computer’s USB port, and pull up. Link Create a profile for yourself, save your information and you’re good to go! Your contacts can then be saved to whatever contact keeper you use – or just keep them on the Poken™ site.

There are lots of features in this small tool. Let’s say you meet someone with whom you do not want to connect. It can be awkward to tell them you don’t want to exchange your information – but Poken™ has a solution.

Click the hand twice, and you’ve switched into ghost mode. This keeps your profile information safe, and still allows you to see the profile of the other person.

Another cool feature – if people you’ve shared information with get a new job, or change positions, phone numbers, e-mails (you know how it goes) the Poken™ website automatically updates their information on your Poken™ account. Which means you no longer have to update your contacts every single year – it does it all for you!

CK & Co is “Poken™” – you might want to try it too! And, the next time you’re at a tradeshow or networking event bring your Poken™ with you.