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It started with an inquiry from a client and friend on LinkedIn: “Does anyone know about launching an online store?” One phone call later, I offered to bring together some resources to help Mark Peters, CEO of Butterball Farms, Inc., think about and develop his idea for a new web-based business. Over Greek munchies (what else would you have at my house) and wine, the concept was refined and a plan began to take shape.

Mark discovered, firsthand, how hard it is to be a single dad and shop for his daughter. So, rather than get annoyed and frustrated, he decided to use his business expertise to help other single dads. The result is, a one-stop shopping Web site which ensures that single parents will never have another clothing emergency. The site, which launched in late June, makes shopping simple so that dads can “Shop Fast and Play More.” CK & CO developed the messaging, structure, copy, and video assests. Need web-anything? Call us.

To check out Mark’s new business venture click the Link.

Even if you’re not a single dad, it will make you smile.