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Farewell to the Flip cam

After four years the Flip business has, well, flopped. Cisco made the announcement back in April with many saying the Smartphone and the like are to blame.

Lots of corporations invested in these compact, versatile little cameras. If there’s a project that doesn’t require professional video, the Flip cam can sometimes do the trick. They’re inexpensive and a good way to gather video, generally for internal purposes.

In fact, CK & CO assists corporations that have the cameras. Before the shooting begins, we arm our clients with a few quick and simple tips that can improve the quality of the final product and save time and money in the edit. Our tip list includes everything from how to frame the shot, how to get good lighting and a few steps to be sure they get the best audio possible.

So the Flip cam is on the way out, but there are plenty of other devices to take its place. We just completed a series of videos for Wiley Publishing’s iPad for Dummies, which included a segment on how to shoot video using your iPad2. Keep an eye out for the DVDs in bookstores across the country.