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Gildas Club Story

WGLD… it may not be your regular news station or even one you have heard of before but that’s because CK & CO created this imaginary news station for our very own Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids. This year CK & CO produced the Gilda’s Club fundraising event. The theme: Gilda’s Red Tie Dance Fever, a fun spin-off of that “Matt guy” dancing around the world on You Tube.

The evening featured a series of video vignettes or “news spoofs” based on an investigative report with news personalities; Jennifer Moss, Henry Erb, and Brett Thomas reporting live from the field. The mission: to find the creator of Red Tie Dance Fever and honor those who have contributed to Gilda’s.

John Jackoboice and Carroll Velie anchored the show. “I host the event because I believe in the philosophy & mission of Gilda’s Club and in the importance it has in the cancer community,” said Velie. When we work with CK “You don’t just get the generic, you get a personalized experience- she feels like an actual partner not just a vender. She makes an effort to understand the organization and make her work reflect that of the client,” Velie said.

This year Gilda’s honored Kathy Maine, Steelcase Inc. and the Steelcase Foundation. Local stars like Mayor Heartwell, The John Ball Zoo Staff, Senator Hardiman, The Kent County Commissioners, The Griffins, and staff of MMPC were featured in the video. “It’s not your predictable, traditional, nonprofit event. There are surprises that are meant to delight the guests, humor,” said Velie.

With over 350 in attendance the event was a hit. Leann Arkema, President of Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids said, “We worked with CK & CO in terms of the overall goal of the event, we wanted it to be fun and on time, and we hit a homerun!” The point was simple- to raise money for Gilda’s…but “The highlight of my night was watching how much fun everyone was having, which was a direct result of working with CK & CO,” said Arkema.

By the end of the night the case was cracked and the entire crowd was spotted dancing in the aisles… must be they caught, Red Tie Dance Fever!