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Improve all functions. Involve all people. Capture it with video.

Organizations big and small are always looking for new ways to drive efficiency. Our team is usually brought in to tell the story after the improvements have been made. So, when Aspen Surgical called us prior to their Kaizen event to document the improvements as they happened, we jumped at the chance!

The event took place throughout the week, and the turn-around on this project was tight.  We began the shoot on Tuesday and returned Thursday to record the progress. We captured the teams as they analyzed current processes, worked with the Kaizen facilitator from Japan, and tested their improvements. We also interviewed the Aspen team and had them share their perspectives. Seeing the individuals in their work environment brought the story to life, along with the “before and after” video. Final files were delivered Friday so they could be shown at a team meeting. It was a great way to cement the learning and celebrate the great work.  The video was distributed to locations around the globe so they could share the hard work with their colleagues.

We’ve included a short clip from the full piece below. And, while we won’t show you the specific results from the event (they were impressive), we think it’s important to see the engagement from people at all levels of the company. Watch this if you’re looking for new ways to share your exciting events with teams around the globe. We can help!