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Meeting the New Medium

It seems everyone is jumping on the iPad bandwagon most recently, Rupert Murdoch, who’s creating a daily newspaper just for the iPad. We’ve also had our share of requests to create videos for playback on the device.

But, it’s not as easy as it sounds. We’ve done the research, and have the profile down to a science. There are lots of settings you can use to get the best quality video. There’s also a very specific type of QuickTime file that must be encoded for playback on the iPad.

Once it’s converted, it’s ready for upload. Just move the file into your iTunes video folder. If you plan on using the video in a PowerPoint presentation, the video needs to be moved into your pictures folder and then imported into your presentation.

One client needed a video for their sales team to show on the iPad when they meet with potential clients. They also wanted to showcase their products and services on a revolutionary product.

Another had a team visiting from out of the country, and gave iPads as a parting gift, with their corporate video pre-loaded and ready to watch.

You have to admit, it’s pretty impressive! You can’t beat the vivid display and light weight design!