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One Event…Endless Video Opportunities

Chicago. Boston. Houston. Orlando. San Diego. San Antonio. The list of major cities we have visited to cover trade shows is extensive and so are the videos we create for use before, during, and after the events. Here are a few trends and tips you may find useful.

Teaser Videos:

These pieces promote a trade show by an association, industry, or an individual company. Teasers should be short, high impact pieces to pique interest and present the business case to attend. You can use video to highlight guest speakers, new products, or the networking aspect of the show. Or, create a video to help direct people to your booth and recognize your company. It is also a way to feature your top executives and have them personally invite people to visit. These videos can be shared in advance through a variety of outlets including social media.

Pre-Produced Show Content:

Using video at breakout sessions, keynote presentations, and individual booths throughout the event has exploded. It is a great way to feature products or people without having them actually at the show. Effective graphics in a video can draw people into your booth and deliver key messages even if the noise level is high. Pre-produced video also has shelf-life beyond the event, so it is a good investment.

At Show Video:

Live streaming is becoming more popular and more affordable. It’s an excellent way to connect with those who cannot attend to engage them in the excitement of the show.  It’s also a wonderful way to show your employees your booth and how customers are responding. Trade shows are “news events,” so there is a high demand to view content in real-time on any device.

You can also generate enthusiasm with a same-day shoot and edit. The video can be posted that evening or used to kick the show off the following day.

Post-Show Video

A show wrap-up is a great way to follow-up with attendees. It can also be sent to those unable to be there. Wrap-ups can be a series of shots set to music or incorporate highlights from presentations and “man-on-the-street” style interviews.

A few Tips:

We often attend trade shows to capture video and interviews that can be leveraged for several years to come. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Tip 1: Make sure you clearly define the deliverable and map a plan for capturing what is needed. Often there are simultaneous events and a video crew can’t be in two places at once.

Tip 2: Look at the event schedule and try to plan the best times for getting video. You want to capture the energy of the event. However, if it is too busy it may be hard to navigate the crowds.

Tip 3: You may need permission for the video crew to be on the show floor and get releases from people you interview. Ask questions in advance about this. You might also want to get key customers to visit you and do interviews. If so, plan this in advance.

Tip 4: If you want the video to have some shelf life, the crew must be careful to shoot a variety of video and many shots that can be re-purposed for later use.  This might mean avoiding palm trees or other things too specific to a location.

Tip 5: Be sure whatever you produce is at a high quality level and is properly archived so it will be available to you as needed.

Here are just a few samples of some pieces we have created to get you thinking.