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Online Video Marketing Matters!

Virtually all of us turn to the internet as our number one spot for gathering information. So it makes sense for businesses to use this form of content delivery. Now, this may sound like a self serving subject, and in a way, it is. But, several recent articles and surveys show posting video to your website is an effective way to get noticed. In fact, one study found a dramatic jump in preference for video in just the past 12 months. Over 154.2 million people are watching on-line videos this year compared to 113.3 million in 2006.

So why should you consider it?

First, I go a hundred miles an hour. But even I can’t be in two places at once (although I am working on that). That’s why I personally welcome visitors to our site via video. That video gets great reviews every time someone visits… and it makes it easier to spot me when we do meet in person.

When you use web video, your personal message reaches hundreds of thousands of potential customers without having to travel. And, it pre-qualifies potential customers to be sure they are really interested. They spend a few minutes, get a feel for what you offer, and then contact you… or “click away”. Another good reason to spice up your site with video is that on-line video is less passive than TV. It engages your customer as they click through your site to see what your business is all about.


  • If you are considering a website open, choose someone who isn’t afraid of the camera, and with a little coaching, will represent your company well.

  • Use video to let your customers rave about your work. But keep the sound bites short! It’s always more impressive getting a review from a third party.

  • Video is a great way to let web site visitors see you, your organization or products in action. This is more precise than text because you don’t just talk about it, you show it.


If reading this has sparked any thought about using on-line video marketing, give us a call to brainstorm ideas.