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Putting Comfort to the Test

With every video we create, we meet a specific need. We work to understand the audience. We think about the style, length, music, branding, viewing platform, and the list goes on. But we also know that viewers have definite opinions our clients need to take into account.

That was the case with Comfort Research – makers of comfort through foam-filled bean bag-style chairs. Together, we created two short test videos that share the same content in very different ways. The first uses voice over and visuals to tell the story. The second uses on-camera talent (recognize anyone?). Both videos will be posted online and the one with the most clicks will be crowned the winner. Once the results are in, we’ll create a series to help online shoppers make better buying decisions.

A little strategic thinking and testing goes a long way to ensure your video is successful with customers. Want to test something out? Let us know – we’ll think with you!