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Questions for Jason

  • What did you do before coming to CK & Co?

My first job in the industry was at an audio production “facility” in Chelsea, MI. I put “facility” in quotes because we operated out of a renovated chicken coop and had an outhouse.

I then spent 7 years working with WOOD TV 8. I started on the production side – running audio, cameras, and loading tapes for the newscasts. After 3 years, I transitioned to the Promotions Department, where I was a producer, writer, and editor.


    • What is it you love about editing?

My first answer would be creativity. It’s fun to sit down with a blank slate and turn it into something amazing. The other thing I love about editing is the precision. I think I have some super OCD traits buried somewhere in my subconcious – I love getting down to that super detailed level on projects. Does that graphic need to shift 2 pixels to the left? Yes. Yes it does.


  • Any hobbies we should know about?

I love theme parks, roller coasters, and all parts of that industry. I’ll stop at any park at any time just to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. I also love listening to music, especially in a live setting. One of my more bizarre hobbies is “taping” – going to concerts and recording the music from my seat and then trading that with other fans for other shows. Boy that sounds dorky. I shouldn’t have written that, but my backspace key is broken, so I’m stuck.


  • Any message for our clients?

Quite simply, I look forward to meeting all of our clients and hope I can live up to the standards that they have come to expect from CK and Co.