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Recycle & Reuse Video

You’ve read them. Maybe you even write one… blogs. I have resisted the temptation to write one because I figure there are just too many of them. And, much of the content seems like blah, blah, blog.

But, I am giving in. Here is my first one and I promise to only write about things that I think will be of interest. No stories about my family, the half-marathons I do or other stuff which is probably only of interest to my mother. This has to be about “the good stuff.” So here we go.

Recycle. Reuse. You might think I am talking about green or sustainability issues. But, I’m not. Too often people think of electronic tools (i.e. video, DVD, web clips, animation) as something that they use and then stick away. I think you should consider shelf life before you create anything. We have video shot for clients that has been used, repurposed and reworked many times over. In fact, if you are smart about the way you gather, archive and access your video, you can save money! So here are a few tips:


  • Look at the environment where you choose to shoot, will it stand the test of time

  • If you use talent consider dress, hairstyles and even make-up

  • Shoot at the highest quality, you don’t want to go back later to reshoot in a better format

  • Know who has the raw video and how it is being stored and logged


The last point is one that amazes me. Too often, video is lost, improperly stored or not retained in its original raw state. You know what I mean. You spend lots of money to shoot video and all you have is a compressed version on DVD, not the original file or tape. As a result, trying to reuse or repurpose it is almost not worth the time spent in the edit room. So think about video as an asset. If you want some ideas about how to recycle or repurpose video or other media assets, let me “think” with you.