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Siemens and LAX Improve Airport Situational Awareness

Flight delays, lost baggage, long security lines – we know travel can be a real headache! But a recent project at LAX has helped us understand the complexity of airport operations and has us thinking a little differently.

Our crew had amazing access to see the airport from unusual vantage points.

We stood in the grass beside the runway as an Airbus 380 sped by for takeoff (don’t worry – we had a police escort). We observed from the top of a control tower as planes came and went. We heard the calls to the Airport Response Coordination Center from different terminals. We finally understood all of the elements for which operations is responsible. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes – a spill in the terminal, a closed bathroom, lights out, late shuttles, emergency vehicles, parking lots that are full, and the list goes on. They all impact the operational flow and must be closely monitored.

LAX partnered with Siemens to improve the way they monitor situational awareness. After much research and brainstorming, the team developed a digital dashboard based onĀ Siemens Siamos to help streamline operations. Siemens brought in CK & CO to interview members of the operations team to understand their needs and how the digital dashboard will improve overall operations for many years to come. Check out the video below. We think you’ll agree that running this “city within a city” is no small task.