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Techy Tip

You hear all the buzz, but what’s the big deal? Is HD really a must? Do those two little letters really make a difference?

HD stands for high definition. Let’s think about this… a TV image is made up of pixels (tiny dots). The more pixels you have, the better the picture. When you have HD, the number of pixels increases by about 6 times. That means your picture is about 6 times as sharp!

You’re thinking, “Why shoot HD if it’s just going to play on a regular TV or the web?” The higher the quality at the start, the better-looking the end result. So, no matter where you play it, it looks better. Even if you’re not ready to shoot HD today, when you are ready, you won’t have to reshoot everything on the shelf. You save time and money.

Have questions? Stop by and we’ll show you the difference.