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The Most Popular Video Coding Software On The Web

Video enthusiasts and webmasters alike are always searching for quality video coding software for their websites. Because video that’s been uploaded to the internet can often be of poor quality and full of bugs, it’s very important that business owners who conduct business online use only top-rated video coding software. If you’re using a Windows-based computer, download one of the following highly popular video coding programs:

Squeeze 9 Pro (

Squeeze 9 Pro is a top-rated video compression platform that can transform videos into a variety of different codecs and formats. Its platform is easy to use and the video streams to your desktop with little to no interruption.

Squeeze 9 Pro is also popular among Windows users because the final product has consistently proven to have retained its quality throughout the process.

This video coding software is perfect for both amateur film makers and professional website owners. Before downloading Squeeze 5 Pro, make sure that you already have Quicktime installed on your machine and that you’ve allotted enough memory on your hard drive.

Total Video Converter (

The Total Video Converter Software package is widely popular among amateur video bloggers; primarily because the platform is extremely user-friendly.

Total Video Converter allows its users to convert their videos to any format they desire. With this software, users can also burn Blu-ray, DVD and CD movies. Those who currently use Internet Explorer on a Windows 7 operating system will find that the Total Video Converter is easy to use.

The Total Video Converter also comes with an option to convert their videos to MP4, PS3 and iPod formats.

Blaze Media Pro (

Touted as one of the more powerful video coding tools, Blaze Media Pro is used mainly for AVi, MPEG, MOV, WMV and a variety of mobile formats.

Users have found that this video conversion software is one of the easiest to use. It requires little to no supervision during the process and can process multiple videos at one time. Once users have chosen which format to convert their videos to, they can begin the process with one simple click of a button.

Similar to Squeeze 5 Pro, Blaze Media Pro uses a considerable amount of memory. Before you download this program, make sure you have a large enough hard drive to convert your videos.

All of the above video coding software platforms support high definition conversion into all types of formats. While every platform will convert videos to a variety of mobile formats, the easiest one to use for this purpose is the Blaze Media Pro download.