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The Value of Video (beyond) Marketing

Video marketing gets a lot of attention, but more and more companies understand the value of video far beyond initial marketing efforts. According to an eMarketer report B2B video is on the rise and expanding.

“The video format is important at different levels of the buyer’s journey,” said Brendan Cournoyer, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Brainshark. “For example, you can use high-level educational, branded videos at the top of the funnel talking about tips or challenges that would be interesting to your audience. But then, later in the buying process, where your audience is talking with sales reps, you might have videos that are more product-related, like an on-demand, or something that walks them through the process.”
-B2B Video on the Rise, but Obstacles Remain (February 2016)

Two of our customers, Bradford White and Siemens Mobility are successfully using video to connect with and train their customers.

Bradford White is the only major water heater manufacturer who fully supports the plumbing and heating industry by remaining committed to a wholesale-only philosophy. Their products are also available for safe, expert installation by professionals. As a result their video series, For the Pro™, is a valuable tool to help professionals understand product application, as well as provide tips on installation and maintenance. For the Pro™ is available on a site for professionals only. Here’s a sample of Bradford White’s series.

Siemens Mobility is an industry leader in rail automation. They have a wide variety of products and provide technical support for railroad companies. Recently, they began to package demonstrations of popular products and posted them to YouTube. In less than a month, they’ve been viewed more than 1,600 times.

If you are considering the use of video to increase awareness of your products, offer demonstrations, answer frequently asked questions, and more here are a few tips.

Be Strategic: Understand your target audience and the level of information they need. A series of well-planned videos has more impact than a one-off. Choose what you cover based on the greatest demand, knowing video can help ease the burden on technical support lines.

Develop a Template and Format: You do not need to start over every time you make a video. Decide on a format (narrative, on camera expert, combination) that works. Both Bradford White and Siemens use their own product experts on-camera who are knowledgeable, credible and well… free! (Just a little humor) The use of real people is highly effective when producing technical video. You can also create a graphics package that includes an open, close, and a variety of options for titling throughout your video. Typically, these videos are short and to the point, but the length can vary depending on the complexity of the information.

Stay Current: Be sure your video features the most current products and up to date information. It is also important that you consistently release new content based on feedback you receive from customers. You should also be sure to promote the use of the content.

Make it Easy to Access: There is nothing worse than the frustration of not being able to view a video you need and want to see. Many companies create a portal for content and then protect it with a username and password for each viewer. Others will use YouTube or even Facebook. Remember that today many viewers will access the content on mobile devices so you must test the video to be sure it is optimized for that.

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