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‘Tis the Season…for Travel

_dsc3058According to AAA, about one million more Americans will be traveling this holiday season. For CK & CO, travel is part of the job.

We jokingly say you know you travel a lot when:

-gate agents at airports know you by name before you present travel documents

-you always have luggage packed and ready to go

-your friends ask, “Do you still live here?”

This past year the CK & CO team logged hundreds of thousands of miles as we crisscrossed the country to tell our customers’ stories. We have it down to a science, but it is more complicated than typical business or holiday travel.  That’s because we must carry-on critical equipment, like cameras, and efficiently pack the myriad of lighting and audio needed for the shoot.

It takes skill and experience to be able to get great video in locations as varied as a copper mine in Nevada, an office in Munich, or a plant in Mexico. We are always up for a challenge. In fact, we recently visited six different cities in just over two weeks as we helped Siemens Industry highlight winners of the US Excellence Awards. We featured each winning team and their projects. This is a great way to recognize superior work and also be able to share these stories to inspire employees around the world.


We shared more than stories recently when we hosted the West Michigan Film and Video Alliance. We shared our expertise and offered travel tips on a number of topics including how to minimize travel costs, helping clients prepare for a video visit, and ensuring a crew has everything needed when they arrive at a location.

If you are traveling this holiday season here are a few apps you may find helpful.


Google Translate (CK used this in Germany) – simply aim your phone at a sign or menu in a different language, and it does the translating for you.

Flightaware – know where your flight is coming from and when it will arrive before the gate agents do!

Waze (Steve likes this one for navigating in all the great cities we visit) – compared to other map apps, Waze gives you real-time traffic updates. And, for those with a heavy foot, it’ll even alert you to a potential run in with radar.