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Traditional Advertising vs. Viral Video

Viral Video. It’s the process of creating and producing a branded video, and then posting it on social networking sites, blogs or other targeted sites. Here’s the important part. An article in Market Vision Media says viral video is proven to be as effective, if not more effective, than traditional advertising.

Maybe that’s because others see the post and willingly promote your product or service for you, for free! Yes, anyone with a webcam, computer and an Internet connection can post videos online. But, if you want real results and high ROI, there are a few things to consider.


Step 1 – make sure the content is interesting. It needs to be written creatively, whether through the use of humor or other unique elements.

Step 2 – keep it short and sweet. No one wants to watch a long video.

Step 3 – your viral video needs to look good! Great visuals and good audio are a must. Once your video is posted anyone can watch it, so make sure it represents you well!

Step 4 – make sure your video establishes your identity and builds credibility. With your viral video, you need people to remember you.

Step 5 – get your video out there. Distribution platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and iTunes can significantly expand your audience. But you need to promote it, too. Use Social Media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to help link people to your video.


X-rite caught on to the latest advertising craze and asked CK & CO to create four viral videos on their new color technology tool, CAPSURE™.

If you need a little laugh, click below to see a video we created. And if you like what you see…post it or pass it on!

X-Rite: Capsure™ from CK and Company on Vimeo.