Video Editing and Post Production

Video post production is where technical expertise and creativity come together to make the magic. It is the chance to cut, enhance, and polish your project. The video and audio elements are like the individual pieces of a puzzle and the goal is to fit them together perfectly so that the completed picture is revealed.

At CK & CO, we were among the first in the country to adopt AVID digital non-linear editing, considered by many to be the premier system for video post production. In fact, we were a beta test site for the company. Today we have six edit systems all linked together with shared storage. That’s important because it allows us to move projects at lightning speed.

The simple truth is that video production is more complicated than you might think. You don’t just lay down an audio track and put video over the top. You have to consider the flow and pacing of the video. What is the style and tone that you want to achieve?

There are hundreds of decisions to make and details that need attention. We think about which soundbites to use, how to layer the b-roll so that it supports the content, which graphics or animations will enhance the production. We do sound design to add music and audio effects. We color correct shots and so much more. Every frame of the video is considered so that we deliver the results you want.

Our video production services are designed to provide everything you need… and even some things that you might not know you need. For example, we have an online review system that makes it easy to comment on the video and request changes. We log and archive all raw video and completed projects. So, if you want to make changes down the road we can do that quickly and cost effectively. And, we are always staying ahead of trends and formats that will impact your digital communication.

At CK & CO, we think you’ll like that we are a small video production company that is technologically sophisticated, creative and nimble like a creative agency — but without the agency-style overhead. Think about it.