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Video for B2B Marketing

At CK & CO we have been busy. Really busy! So we started to wonder if this was an unusual spike or part of a larger trend. The truth is video has always been a great way to share information. But in the past five years it has gone from being an innovative way to communicate to a mainstream staple.

It doesn’t take a lot of analysis (although you can find it) to understand why video is so popular. People are watching it because it is entertaining. And, with the proliferation of smartphones, iPads, tablets, and the like, it’s convenient to watch video online.  So you might wonder, “Does it actually cause the viewer to do something?” The answer is yes.

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Of course, it goes without saying that the video has to tell a good story. People need to be able to connect with the story and the people. It also needs to be visually rich.  That’s not to say that “talking heads” are always bad, but every story can use some great visuals or graphics.  A report by eMarketer on Successful Digital Video emphasized the point.

“People in general gravitate toward visual storytelling,” explained Liya Sharif, Senior Director of Global Marketing at Qualcomm. “Video is an incredible way to tell a story for either a B2B or B2C brand.”

Jennifer Anaya, Vice President of Marketing for North America at Ingram Micro, added, “Even though this is B2B, everyone likes a good story, and everybody likes to laugh.”

It’s easy to imagine how a video could present a laundry list of product features. But that won’t work. According to Michael Peachey, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing at, “Any time the story isn’t the main priority in a film, you’re not really making a connection with the people you’re marketing to in trying to help them understand the real value of the situation.”

Believe it or not, we don’t think every topic or product should be marketed using video. (Yes, we know we are in the video business!) So think about it. What’s your story? Is it compelling? Is there a way to add some humor?  A little thinking goes a long way toward creating a successful piece.