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Go Global

We don’t speak Chinese. We don’t speak German… or for that matter French or Spanish. But to date, we have created more than 1,200 videos in these languages. How? We have developed an effective, efficient process for transforming videos we produced in English into global communications. We also have developed a network of resources to assist.

Typically we produce videos in English and Spanish. In fact, we are in the process of translating a series of videos recently created for Cherry Health. But the reality is that more and more companies need to leverage communications into various markets. The requested languages are more diverse, which creates production complexity. Here are some of the things we consider.

Translation: This gets tricky. In many countries there are different dialects. Spanish in Latin America is different than Spanish in Spain, for example. Choose the wrong one and you will look foolish. Here you need professional help, or at least a resource within the country itself. Additionally, there are some technical words that simply do not translate, like iPad or Microsoft Word. You need to be aware of those words or terms. Many people also forget graphics used in the video need to be translated as well.

Sub-titles versus Narration: From a video perspective, it is much easier to drop in subtitles, but it is more impressive to have the narration in the selected language. There is a huge difference in the length of time it takes to say something in the various languages. Suffice it to say all of them are longer than English, which means it is not just a matter of dropping in new audio. All of the video content must be adjusted.

Talent: The rule of thumb here is you must have a “native” speaker. However, we have found this means different things to different people. We have used native speakers only to have the client representative in a country tell us the accent of the voice talent was not quite what they expected. Here it is important to do auditions and send voice samples to be sure you’re on the right track.

If you have a video that needs to go global, call us and we’ll put our expertise to work for you.

P.S. If you need Greek… CK will cut the audio for free!