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Building a Safety Culture? Use Video.

Numbers don’t lie when it comes to safety. It’s serious business, and there’s a lot of attention focused on it. Today, employees expect they will go to work and return home in the same good health, but developing and maintaining a safety culture takes work. Many of our customers have tapped our expertise to help them. In fact, we’ve been creating safety communications for decades. In 2007, we created Safety the Movie for Siemens Industry. This award-winning production was shown in movie theaters around the country to engineers and safety directors. Since then, as technology and video have evolved, so too have safety related videos. The purposes have varied.

They include safety communications for:

  • new hires
  • changing or reinforcing a zero-harm culture
  • specific practices for contractors working on site
  • visitors touring a plant or facility
  • new equipment training
  • and more.

At CK & CO, we excel at leveraging video opportunities. For Herman Miller, we created two versions of a safety video. One for those visiting their manufacturing facility and one for those visiting office areas (people forget office areas can be dangerous, too). Some facilities have unique requirements, such as food safety. For Hearthside Foods we created a base safety video that will be customized for locations around the country.

Formats for these types of communications can range from animated videos, to narrative with b-roll, to using an on-camera spokesperson, and beyond. Let us think with you about how to create a safer workplace.

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