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Go Virtual for Your Next Event

Is your collection of event badges dwindling? Are you anxious to connect with others in your industry and share best practices, new innovations, or take a peek at the competitionNeed to meet with customers?  

If you’re like us, invitations to virtual events are filling your inbox. Unfortunately, too many of them are, well…boring! Staying connected is critical right now, but when your event consists of talking heads, these opportunities fall short. If they’re done well, virtual events offer a solid block of focused time, away from other distractions, to network and build business. You may even attract those who, in normal circumstances, can’t take time away from their business to attend a trade show or other event.  And, here’s a little secret for you, virtual events can be less expensive than in-person ones  Read more

It’s Time to Get Creative with Your Communications

Many of us have been “out of the office” for a few weeks now, still grinding away to deliver for our customers. It’s easy to feel like you’re spinning your wheels, but don’t let the COVID doldrums get you down! Read more

It’s Not How You Look…It’s How You Sound

Salons are closed…so are many dry cleaners…and, at this point, the thought of looking “presentable” exhausts many of us! Your solution can be found in our trusted friend – the audio conference! Read more

How to Present when not “Present”

Social distancing. Toilet paper shortages. Daily press conferences. Life has changed and so has work for many who now have a virtual office 

An unprecedented increase in remote work – all made possible by clever collaboration technologies like Slack, WebEx, and SharePoint. In fact, WebEx has seen record usage – clocking 5.5 billion meeting minutes in the first 11 days of March  Read more

The Takeaway They’ll be Talking About

With the emphasis on online marketing, you may wonder, “are trade shows are still important?” If the number of videos we’re creating for trade shows, expos, and events is any indication, we’d say an enthusiastic YES!  

Companies attend expos and shows for many reasons. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research says 82% of trade show attendees have the authority to buy. They are at a show to do their research as the first step in the buying process Even in a digital world, people still crave connection – they want to see and touch a product and hear about it from a qualified representative in person.  

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Happy Holidays!

Wherever this holiday takes you, we wish you a happy one!
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Bite-Size Content, BIG Impact

Looking to connect, educate, and create compelling content in a short time frame? Consider an alternative to live video. Consider an explainer video that uses icons and motion graphics for fun online marketing. One of our favorite clients (yes, we do say that about all of our clients, but just go with it) is Marana Group. We created short videos to explain some of their services.

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…and Mariah makes three!

That’s right. CK and CO’s drone, Orville, has another pilot! Mariah thought it would be fun to have a personal drone, so she bought herself one. That got us thinking, why should Bryan and Steve have all the fun?

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A 360° View

Imagine if you could immerse yourself in an amazing location. Spin around and take it all in. Control your view. See what you want, when you want to see it. That’s what a 360° virtual tour does. It gives you a panoramic view.

Of course, if you are inside a tiny closet or bland room it might not do much for you. But there are places where this works well. One of them is the newly opened Holland Energy Park. The project is a modern and efficient power plant for the Holland Board of Public Works utility in Holland, Michigan.

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Video Production Career Guide

video editing softwareWhether you’re a student deciding on the direction of your career, or someone looking to make a career change, the world of video production offers a lot of exciting opportunities. Like any industry, there is much to learn and a lot of insider information that is valuable to know before choosing a career path. We surveyed a number of experienced video production professionals to get their take on what to expect from a job in video production and some advice on succeeding in the business. Read more