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Bite-Size Content, BIG Impact

Looking to connect, educate, and create compelling content in a short time frame? Consider an alternative to live video. Consider an explainer video that uses icons and motion graphics for fun online marketing. One of our favorite clients (yes, we do say that about all of our clients, but just go with it) is Marana Group. We created short videos to explain some of their services.

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…and Mariah makes three!

That’s right. CK and CO’s drone, Orville, has another pilot! Mariah thought it would be fun to have a personal drone, so she bought herself one. That got us thinking, why should Bryan and Steve have all the fun?

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A 360° View

Imagine if you could immerse yourself in an amazing location. Spin around and take it all in. Control your view. See what you want, when you want to see it. That’s what a 360° virtual tour does. It gives you a panoramic view.

Of course, if you are inside a tiny closet or bland room it might not do much for you. But there are places where this works well. One of them is the newly opened Holland Energy Park. The project is a modern and efficient power plant for the Holland Board of Public Works utility in Holland, Michigan.

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Video Production Career Guide

video editing softwareWhether you’re a student deciding on the direction of your career, or someone looking to make a career change, the world of video production offers a lot of exciting opportunities. Like any industry, there is much to learn and a lot of insider information that is valuable to know before choosing a career path. We surveyed a number of experienced video production professionals to get their take on what to expect from a job in video production and some advice on succeeding in the business. Read more

Video for B2B Marketing

At CK & CO we have been busy. Really busy! So we started to wonder if this was an unusual spike or part of a larger trend. The truth is video has always been a great way to share information. But in the past five years it has gone from being an innovative way to communicate to a mainstream staple.

It doesn’t take a lot of analysis (although you can find it) to understand why video is so popular. People are watching it because it is entertaining. And, with the proliferation of smartphones, iPads, tablets, and the like, it’s convenient to watch video online.  So you might wonder, “Does it actually cause the viewer to do something?” The answer is yes. Read more

It’s here! CINEMA 4D Studio

First, it was 2D. Then 3D. Now it is C4D.

In our business, you simply cannot sit back and do the same old thing over and over. We think it’s important to develop presentations for our clients that are fresh and impactful. Graphics and special effects are key.

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Mickey Matson

We can’t tell you how often people ask us whether we make movies. The answer is no! That’s because movie production and video production are very different. Sure we both use cameras, talent (actors), scripts… you get the idea. But, the process and techniques are very different.

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International Training Videos

We create lots of training videos…but training in a different language is a whole different ballgame.

We’re in a global society, and many of our customers are international organizations. For Dematic, we’ve created a series of training videos for installers that are in English, German and also have closed captioning.


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BizThinking Blog

After 23 years of owning a business, you learn a lot! CK has started a business blog to share some of the fun and interesting things she knows from a business perspective. It’s called BizThinking. Link It’s sort of like having your own personal business coach! The tips you’ll find on the site aren’t just for start ups…and they don’t just apply to business owners. They’re unconventional strategies for anyone in the business world. So, check out the blog, and if you think it’s useful, think about subscribing!

Think CK

You might have noticed that we talk a lot about “thinking.” In fact, when people ask what I do, the answer often surprises them. They expect me to talk about media production, video shoots or the move to high-definition. Some expect me to talk about presentation training or how to be interviewed by the media. Instead, what I say is that we think with and for our clients.

That might sound a little presumptuous. But, what it really means is that we are watching out for our clients’ best interests. The THINK idea started as an internal mandate: think about everything you do and how it impacts our customers.

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