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How to Present when not “Present”

Social distancing. Toilet paper shortages. Daily press conferences. Life has changed and so has work for many who now have a virtual office 

An unprecedented increase in remote work – all made possible by clever collaboration technologies like Slack, WebEx, and SharePoint. In fact, WebEx has seen record usage – clocking 5.5 billion meeting minutes in the first 11 days of March 

This means you’ll likely present (or at least communicate) virtually a lot in the coming days (weeks/months – who knows?!). When you do, ensure your message resonates with our tips on “How to Present when not Present” (see what we did there?). 

So, whether you’ve still got your pajama bottoms on…your laundry in the dryer…or your children trying to break down your office door – know we’ve got your back!  Stay safe and well!

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