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O Give Thanks!

Yes, it is that time of year with all the griping, complaining, finger-pointing…you get the idea! It is time to step back and be grateful. So, here are a few things we are grateful for:

Our favorite non-profits like Learning to Give who help children understand philanthropy and empower students to be giving, caring citizens. Our Hope who guides women on their road to recovery with care and compassion. ICCF whose efforts make our community a healthy and vibrant place for all.

Clients who allow us to use our skills and talents to tell not only their business stories, but personal ones as well. From stories of career transformation by a single mother who attends Cisco’s Network Academy to stories of Siemens employees who educate their community about sustainability and alternative energy through their Green Footprints Program.

All the talented individuals who support us. Like fine artist Anne Berends whose amazing drawings help us take complicated topics and make them understandable through whiteboard videos. Freelance voice-over talent like Mark Winston, Jeff Simpson, and others who take our last-minute calls and deliver perfect audio with unbelievable speed.

The professionals who advise and counsel us to navigate the often-confusing regulations and requirements so we can spend more time doing what we love.

Our families who put up with our hectic and unpredictable schedules.

There is a lot of negativity in the world today. This holiday we choose to be positive and to send thanks to those we have mentioned and others, far too numerous to list.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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