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You might have noticed that we talk a lot about “thinking.” In fact, when people ask what I do, the answer often surprises them. They expect me to talk about media production, video shoots or the move to high-definition. Some expect me to talk about presentation training or how to be interviewed by the media. Instead, what I say is that we think with and for our clients.

That might sound a little presumptuous. But, what it really means is that we are watching out for our clients’ best interests. The THINK idea started as an internal mandate: think about everything you do and how it impacts our customers.

That message became the foundation of a direct mail campaign. Our web-video intro invites potential customers to call us and let us “think about them.” Lots of people have taken us up on the offer. Now, we take it one step further. You’ll notice the next time you get an e-mail from one of us that our new Web address is

If you want to see what we think about, click the link. Be sure to check out the tiny think bubbles… they’ll make you smile.

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