Virtual Studio

Virtual Studio

The need to communicate has never been greater.

It is undeniable that the COVID 19 pandemic has changed the way we communicate and what we need to communicate.

Your customers want to know that you can deliver products and services without interruption. That quality is excellent despite challenging times. That you continue to innovate. Employees have concerns about the safety of the workplace, new ways of working, and critical business initiatives.

Trade shows. Town halls. Face-to-face meetings. Case studies. Sales and marketing efforts. Training. Right now, there are a lot of constraints when it comes to traditional methods of communication. However, that doesn’t mean you should abandon efforts to develop and execute communications.

It’s time to pivot, get creative. CK and CO can help.

We have always known that video is engaging. There is no better way to get your message across to potential clients than to feature your experts or let other customers “toot your horn” and share results. When times are tough employees need to hear from executives- not just once, but on a consistent basis. Video can do that and much more, and when coupled with motion graphics and other visuals, the impact is huge. Video is a great way to package your communications and deliver them virtually.


So, how do you create content if you cannot be onsite to shoot video?

Some are choosing a do-it-yourself approach. It’s an option, but without an eye for how to capture an interview and make the individual look great, creating a video with an iPhone is not that easy. It takes a professional. And without proper accessories, the result is poor audio and shaky video. It may be hard to frame shots. There is a difference between an edgy, realistic YouTube type video and… dare we say it…bad amateur efforts.

Another option is that many turn to Zoom and Teams to communicate. These platforms have a place in corporate communications but they can be lackluster. And, the quality of the video may be limited by bandwidth.

We get it. You need a better option. That’s why CK and CO has invested in a patented technology that allows us to record anyone, anywhere at up to 4K video quality… even if we can’t be right there with you. We call it our Virtual Studio and to date, it’s been used across the country and around the world.

Here’s how it works

Step 1

You have a project. We brainstorm with you and conduct a pre-production meeting to discuss the content, participants, etc. We help you develop a treatment for the project and develop the content.

Step 2

Decide on the best video capture method: laptop, smartphone, or better yet we send you a package of equipment that is exactly what you need for the shoot. Don’t worry, it is easy, and we walk you through the setup.

Step 3

When it’s time to record, we send you a link. Then, we take remote control to direct the framing, manage color temperature, monitor audio, and coach the presenter. We know when we have the perfect soundbite and how the various interviews will come together to create a compelling piece.

Step 4

When recording is complete, we upload the video from the device and it is sent to CK and CO. You send the equipment back to us with a pre-paid label.

Step 5

We get to work on post-production. We edit the project, develop cool graphics, shoot any necessary b-roll, provide previews, and make changes. When you are happy, we deliver your finished video.

It’s that simple.

No need to worry about handling video production on your own; we are right there with you virtually.

Some ideal applications for our virtual studio are:

  • Employee communications
  • Customer testimonials
  • Executive messages
  • Company announcements
  • Safety updates and training
  • Tutorials
  • Thought leadership
  • Product discussions
  • and more...

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Virtual Studio Benefits

Of course, we always prefer to be onsite for projects and to gather as much visual material as possible. However, as organizations deal with disruption and face new challenges, there are benefits to our virtual studio.

  • The virtual studio is an efficient use of time to capture raw video. Set-up is fast, and with detailed pre-planning, recording sessions are short.
  • CK and CO professionals virtually direct and coach. We are experts at drawing the best content out of each interviewee and helping them get comfortable with the camera.
  • When it comes to the technical aspects of our virtual studio a key benefit is that your internet connection does not affect quality as it does with some platforms. The quality of your video is a reflection of your brand. We make sure it reflects well.
  • The video upload to CK and CO is in real-time to speed projects to completion.
  • Projects are more polished and have greater production value than just a talking head.