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What’s Your Story?

Corporate communications are a complex undertaking. Every organization has a variety of audiences – employees, managers, stakeholders, and customers. Each audience has a unique need, level of interest, and understanding of your organization. However, they all have one thing in common – everyone loves a good story.

In a world focused on technology, companies have to find new ways to connect, inspire, and engage. Increasingly, our clients are turning to storytelling to make it happen. Sharing a story brings a human perspective to your products and services. Some of our clients even share stories to help employees connect internally, on a more personal level (see Siemens Future Makers).

As with any good story, you need compelling content and characters. Video gives you the opportunity to support your message with imagery. It requires a bit of effort, as it all must be blended perfectly. Using video gives you a distinct advantage. You can convey emotion. Joy. Fear. Compassion. Hope. Real stories bring ideas to life.

Here are a few we’ve been working on:


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