Animation and Motion Graphics

What to add some sizzle to your video? Explain a complicated process? Promote the spirit of your brand? Animation and motion graphics can do all that and more. The use of animation is on the rise for a very good reason. It is impactful. Creating movement captures the attention of the viewer and generates excitement. There are several different options to choose from.

2D, or two-dimensional, is a flatter, simpler style. For 3D, or three-dimensional imagery with greater depth, we use an application called Cinema 4D. It has a realistic physics engine to mimic gravity, real-world lighting, wind, and more. Trust us, it is very cool! And, it seamlessly integrates with After Effects to create animations that go beyond what either program is capable of doing on its own.

We think it’s important to develop fresh and highly visual pieces for our clients, so graphics and special effects are key. Some of the most common uses are animated logos, titles, and subtitles. Statistics and figures can be complex and, let’s face it, boring. To spice them up, we use interesting “reveals” and beautiful sequences.

Infographics have been around for a long time in print because they are a clever way to tell your story quickly and clearly. When used in video, they can come alive with movement. You can watch a bar graph grow. Show the history of your organization with a visual timeline. Use kinetic typography to present data.

Whiteboard or explainer videos are another way to condense information, educate a customer about a product or service, or present problems and solutions. The style of these can range from simple drawings to detailed illustrations. And of course, we add a lot of fun and entertainment.

At CK & CO, we are experts at discovering the opportunities to add a little flair to your video. Let us think with you about how motion graphics can help grab your viewers’ attention.