Video Production Process FAQ

After working in media production for more than three decades I have gotten pretty good at anticipating the questions that arise about the video production […]

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video case studies

How to Make Killer Video Case Studies

Everyone loves a good story. Maybe that’s why video case studies are popular. Case studies are stories that give us insight, provide a behind-the-scenes look, […]

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Video Preproduction: Common Questions and Costly Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to video preproduction, we get lots of questions about the process. Pre-production is the first of three phases of video production where […]

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Why Graphic Design is Important for Your Business

Today there are so many tools and programs available for do-it-yourselfers that everyone thinks they can be a graphic designer. NOT! In fact, there are […]

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How to Make the Best Explainer Video

Explainer videos make learning fun and visually appealing. But what is an explainer video? How do you make the best explainer video? Are there certain […]

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How to Be Comfortable and Confident on Camera

So, you’re going on camera!  You are probably excited and a little nervous. Don’t worry, you just need a little coaching and a few tips […]

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How Much Do Training Videos Cost?

Employee turnover. New product and service launches. Changing business systems. The list of areas where training is needed is endless. Training videos have gained popularity […]

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How Motion Graphics Services Make Videos More Powerful

Motion Graphics: Typography INNOVATION. BREAKTHROUGH. SUCCESS. GENIUS. ON-DEMAND. Words can be visually powerful when they are used in motion graphics projects. So, why consider motion […]

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motion graphics vs animation

Motion Graphics vs. Animation: How Are They Different?

Here’s how many conversations start at CK and CO. Customer: “We want to create an animation for our next video.” CK and CO: “Great, what […]

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Employee Training Videos: 5 Ways to Ensure Success

Using video for employee training is certainly not new, but we would argue changes in the workplace have made it even more important. The pandemic. […]

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