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When it comes to corporate video production, what clients like most about CK and CO is that we make it simple for them by working closely with each client to meet their unique goals.

Since the company was incorporated in 1987, we have provided a broad range of corporate video production services including interactive videos and corporate training video production. Our constant desire to keep our productions fresh and interesting is the reason we are still working with our very first clients.

From the very beginning, we have operated under the belief that our success is measured by the success of our customers. We want customers to use our high-quality products and services to further their businesses and reach their goals. When they do, we both succeed.

A Different Kind Of Business Video Production Company

What differentiates us from other corporate video production companies is our ability to take video projects from the pre-production stage to post-production to completion with our expansive portfolio of services provided by our in-house production team. This includes scripting, videography, graphics, and editing to bring you the highest quality corporate video. Our team works directly with you to create cost-effective video content designed to grab the attention of your target audience and clearly communicate your message.

  • Don’t have time to provide ideas? No problem! We can produce what you need with minimal direction.
  • Want to be actively involved? Great, we can provide a significant level of detail and advance notice of scheduled activities.
  • Tight deadline? We can deliver because we get to know our clients really well.

Regardless of how much experience you’ve had with business video production, our team has the talent and experience to help you create an effective video. We work directly with each client to lay out their goals, timeline, budget, and ideas to shape the video project around their needs and wants.

We work hard to be familiar with our clients’ products, services, corporate culture, and market positioning. To us, it is more than just a “project” or a series of short video productions. Everything we create is part of a larger picture which must be viewed in the context of our customer’s brand. Having this knowledge also means we can produce both internal and high-profile external corporate video productions. We are also experts at leveraging the raw assets from projects to reduce costs and create a variety of communications from a single shoot.

Whether it’s a complicated full-length production, a creative television spot or a training video, our corporate video services will ensure your productions are high quality, on time, and on budget. We can help you create the right video for your business.

What Is A Case Study Video?

Video case studies are videos that provide a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of how a particular product, service or solution addressed a specific problem or challenge a customer had. They provide an analytical and informative approach, demonstrating the value and effectiveness of a product or service. Case study videos are both educational and promotional, which can help potential customers with their buying decision.

These videos are often used in a business-to-business context to showcase the practical application and benefits of a company’s offerings.

How Can Video Case Studies Be Used To Help My Business?

A video case study is an opportunity to showcase your work in a real-world setting. You can demonstrate how you tackled a customer problem, worked to find the best solution and present memorable results. Case study videos feature your customer, but can also include representatives of your company. Overall, case study videos are proven to be extremely effective in video marketing by allowing a potential client to get a glimpse of your business in action, without ever having to step through your doors.

What Are Customer Testimonial Videos?

Customer testimonial videos are a type of marketing content that features satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences and opinions about a product, service, or brand. In a customer testimonial video, a satisfied customer typically talks about their journey, the challenges they faced, how the product or service helped them overcome those challenges, and the positive outcomes they achieved. These videos often include personal anecdotes, before-and-after comparisons, and emotional stories that resonate with potential customers.

What Is The Purpose Of Testimonial Videos?

Customer testimonials are an effective way to establish your credibility. It’s always better to let someone else sing your praises. These videos highlight a satisfied customer story that captures the essence of your company. Our production team can create customer testimonial videos that are extremely effective and capture the attention of your audience. These videos are social proof of the quality of your company’s work and stand to be even more effective if the company being featured has a well-known name and the interviewee is video-friendly.


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