It's all about video

There is no doubt about it. The use of web video is exploding with no end in sight. Today, companies and organizations use video as a way to reach out and grab viewers 24/7/365. People love to watch video and many prefer it to reading information.

So, how can you leverage web video to meet your business objectives? What do you need to do to really stand out and get your video to go viral with millions of views? What types of video should you create and how often should you develop new content? What are the benefits of using video on websites? These are all common questions when it comes to our web video production services.

At CK and CO, we can help. In fact, we are a web video and viral video company that serves businesses and organizations from the Global Fortune 100 to non-profits. The pieces we create for them meet a wide variety of needs.

Where Do You Start With Web Video Production?

Company overviews are a great place to start. They give the viewer a “big picture” of your company and its capabilities. Customer testimonials are an effective way to establish your credibility and build trust with other customers. With a video case study, you can show how you tackled a customer problem and provided a solution. Fast-paced music videos are a staple on the internet as viewers tend to have a limited attention span. And, finally, whiteboard videos can serve as an easy way to explain complicated information through video in a fun and quirky way. These are just a few examples of places to start when getting ideas for producing a web video.

As your web and viral video production agency we ensure that all your videos are created at the highest quality even though they may be viewed on different platforms, even a tiny little screen. This also allows your video to be leveraged for bigger venues and opportunities. For many of our clients, we create videos that will be watched on mobile devices, so we pay special attention to making motion graphics readable and use bold images to impress even on the small screen.

In addition to putting your videos online, sharing your videos on social media can also be very beneficial. Whether you’re looking to create a viral video or just get your brand some more exposure, you can greatly increase your visibility if you add them to Facebook, tweet about them, or create your own YouTube channel. CK and CO is your viral video production partner, and we are here to assist you every step of the way to make sure you reach your target audience and rack up the views you need.

The possibilities are endless. Let us help you stand out on the web.


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