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International Training Videos

We create lots of training videos…but training in a different language is a whole different ballgame.

We’re in a global society, and many of our customers are international organizations. For Dematic, we’ve created a series of training videos for installers that are in English, German and also have closed captioning.


Need to create video that goes beyond the U.S.? Here are some tips:


Use native speakers: We’ve developed a good, solid relationship with an organization that has access to native speakers in almost every language. It’s very important that the narrator understands that country’s dialect, and isn’t just translating word for word. Sometimes there’s a different way to say something and native speakers can help with that.


Give translators access to the video before recording: Of course, things are said differently across different languages. Dematic uses the term RAT as an abbreviation for Right Angle Transfers…and they say it like the rodent. Well, in German…it obviously doesn’t make any sense to translate “rat” word for word. This is just one example. If the translator can see the video, they’ll use their judgment to find the best way to communicate the message.


Prepare for length variation: When translating from English to almost any other language, the length of the script changes. For example, Spanish uses about 25% more words to say the same thing, so adjustments have to be made to the length of the shots. To be efficient, we create both the translated and English versions of the video at the same time so we can make those adjustments simultaneously.


-Add time to your production schedule: The process of matching the translated script to the video can be time consuming. We have to move through the script very slowly, comparing the English version to the translated version to assure accuracy.