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It’s here! CINEMA 4D Studio

First, it was 2D. Then 3D. Now it is C4D.

In our business, you simply cannot sit back and do the same old thing over and over. We think it’s important to develop presentations for our clients that are fresh and impactful. Graphics and special effects are key.

Do you use CAD drawings for product development or other purposes? We now have the ability to manipulate and animate CAD drawings and objects from other software and provide full 360 degree images of products & designs.

In addition to being able to work in full 3D, C4D has a realistic physics engine that mimics gravity, real-world lighting, wind, and more. Trust us, it is very cool!

Finally, it seamlessly integrates with After Effects to create animations that go beyond what either program is capable of doing on its own.

We’ve been “bouncing” around ideas for how we can use C4D to enhance your production like never before…just take a look at the sample!