Media Training and Communications Consulting

Communication is about more than just being a slick presenter. That’s why CK & CO provides a variety of media training, presentation skills training, and communication consulting programs tailored to our customers and their specific business challenges.

Plenty of people deliver the same tired training to every audience, regardless of the industry or the skill level of the person or group. That’s not good enough. CK & CO is much more strategic. We work with you to determine key objectives and desired results. We can simply address the basics, or design a custom program to teach you and your organization to take full advantage of strengths and overcome weaknesses.

The bottom line? You reach more of your goals quickly and decisively. Best of all, you don’t look and sound like every other person coming out of those other cookie cutter programs.

As a former award-winning broadcaster, media production professional and executive coach, Cynthia Kay has worked with Global Fortune 100 CEOs and business leaders to develop live and on-camera presentations. But she doesn’t just teach others, she is on the front lines, having been interviewed by TIME, NPR, and other national and local media outlets. Not to mention testifying before Congress on small business issues.

For internal communication training, CK helps others learn to present to peers, corporate boards, and other stakeholders. For marketing communications, she helps design creative and engaging presentations. Her media training lays the foundation for an effective media plan including different approaches for the various outlets. She also provides crisis communication consulting. It helps that she was an investigative reporter. Finally, executive one-on-one coaching helps senior level executives further develop their personal communication style.

Whether it’s a group of “up and coming” employees or a senior executive, CK & CO’s media training and marketing communications consulting can help rev up your style and your skills.