Every business or organization has a story to tell, and some do it better than others. Scripting your video is about more than choosing the right words and phrases. You need to carefully craft your story or message so it inspires, motivates, educates, and connects with your audience.

At CK & CO, our process ensures your script will be on target. First, we help you explore the purpose of the video.

Are you trying to convince someone to use your product or service?

Are you trying to gain awareness for your organization?

Do you need to train someone to do something?

Are you trying to differentiate your response to an RFP by including video?


We need to be very clear about the purpose of the video before we start scripting. It’s also important we don’t try to do too many things with one video.

Next, we consider the audience. How much do they already know about you or your product? What do they need (and want) to know? For your video to be successful, it must have great content, be masterfully structured, and resonate with the viewer.

We also think carefully about the language. Words can be powerful and conjure up a stunning picture. They can immediately give a clear, concise image of what you are trying to convey. Words can also have the opposite effect. Overused or commonplace words can make you sound like every other competitor. Another thing to consider is industry-specific terminology. It may be important to include, but you need to be careful not to use jargon that may frustrate the viewer. We work to make each video fresh and compelling, so it stands out.

Great video scripting tells a captivating story, shows impressive results, or demonstrates thought leadership. Let us tell your story.