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Meals on Wheels West Michigan



Telling a Great Story


In this case study, see how CK & CO worked together with Meals on Wheels
of Western Michigan to create video assets that helped the nonprofit raise awareness
and funds during the COVID-19 pandemic.






The Client

Meals on Wheels of Western Michigan (MOWWM) is a Kent County-based nonprofit that focuses on caring for individuals who find it hard to shop for food, prepare meals, or socialize with others. It is an independent agency of the nationally recognized organization Meals on Wheels (MOW). MOW agencies operate in virtually every community. They are essential to older adults and individuals with disabilities because they don’t just provide a nutritious meal, but often a much-needed safety check and smiling face.

The Challenge

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for organizations like Meals on Wheels skyrocketed. A virus did not and can not stop hunger. Calls to MOWWM increased by 300% at the start of the pandemic and stay-at-home orders from the state’s health department shut down the organization’s main pantry location. The stakes were high as MOWWM tried to manage increased requests from some of the most vulnerable communities – they needed awareness and money.

The Solution

MOWWM reached out to CK and CO to help them navigate a fully virtual world. We produced a virtual fundraising event at the height of the pandemic. During this project, we created a fun and engaging video so that viewers could cook along with Chef Jeremy of Bistro Bella Vita. This was a great way to keep supporters safe and still support the mission.

For a Spring Event, we used a storytelling approach to market their mission to the general public. Three different stories highlighted the areas of focus for MOWWM. Because the organization is known for primarily delivering meals to seniors, we told the story of a woman who depends on MOWWM so she can stay in her home. We also highlighted the organization’s food pantry, which isn’t as well known. Here the story of a veteran who often visits the pantry to help supplement his food supply showed their work in action. This veteran also picks up dog food for his service dog at the pantry. We know that seniors are amazing volunteers who give as well as receive. We showed senior volunteers in action and the joy that comes from helping their peers.

A final deliverable is a video to encourage individuals to volunteer. We used some existing interviews and supplemented them with additional ones to create an entirely new piece.

The Result

MOWWM has a package of video content and is leveraging all of the assets created on their website and for other awareness campaigns. Melissa Soberanes, Director of Community Engagement and Marketing, had these comments. “I shared the videos with our leadership team and it was unanimous – AMAZING!!! Great job, thank you. Thank you to your entire team! Really a fantastic video. We love it!”

The Takeaway

People love stories – stories about your clients, customers, efforts to give back – you get the idea. As you look to create these video stories remember that the individuals must be “camera-friendly.” That means choosing someone that is willing to share their story and can be engaging.

Leverage all shoots, get as much content and b-roll as possible while on-site so that you can create multiple deliverables from the raw video. This requires a plan so that you can have a package, rather than a single video.

Don’t use videos for only one platform. Post on your website. Consider using snippets for social media, events, and other activities.

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